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We've been building bridges for over twenty years.  We've designed and built bridges for customers ranging from homeowners, to farmers, to Ritz Carlton Hotels and just about everything in between. 

When we design a bridge, we first do a site survey and take into account all the vital details we need to consider in order to build a structure that will handle its intended weight loads and traffic volume...and do so safely for decades into the future.  We understand that a bridge is an investment that must remain dependable under extreme conditions.  Floodwaters and debris are a constant threat so designing each bridge to maintain its integrity under varying natural conditions is our primary objective.

Structural design depends upon many factors at the site location; soil type, distance of span, height of structure, embankments, and water-flow extremes.  These are some of the elements which enable us to decide the best materials and construction type to complete an installation that will meet the intended use of the bridge.  


From there, we move on to the aesthetic style of the bridge.  Many bridges are needed simply for their utility purpose of getting to the other side of the creek or obstacle.  In these cases, the look of the bridge may be secondary and of minor concern, however, we still make every effort to build a bridge that fits into the surrounding landscape.

In cases where the bridge's appearance is of greater importance, there's really no limit to what we can accomplish.  We will gladly integrate your visual design preferences into the construction of the bridge while maintaining the integrity of the structure for its intended purpose. 


Even the smallest bridges require planning and engineering to ensure the safety of those using the bridge as well as the resiliency of the structure itself.  We use materials specific to each job based upon factors ranging from existing rock and soil types, distance of span, and potential rise and fall of water levels and velocity of water and debris in high water scenarios.  

We design our bridges based upon the customer needs and the corresponding code that is required to meet those needs. If your bridge is 10ft long or 110ft long, it must support the weight of fire and rescue vehicles, passenger cars and trucks, and in many cases heavy construction vehicles. We make sure your bridge will easily handle the weight limits and meet building codes.

If you're planning to build a bridge for your residence or business, contact us at Bridges to the Other Side and put our expertise to work for you to make the most of your investment!

Vehicular bridges must meet specific codes in order to sustain the weight of fire trucks and construction vehicles. Even the shortest span needs to be professionally designed to meet the needs for maximum capacity. Our experts will assess your bridge site and determine the best type bridge and materials to help you meet code and capacity while respecting your budget, schedule, and the environment surrounding your build site. 

Each bridge is constructed with close attention to functionality, durability, and environmental stewardship.

Regardless of how high, long or wide your bridge needs to be we can design, construct and install the bridge specific to your project needs. 



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Each of our Bridges is custom built because each site is unique requiring specific materials, construction technique and mechanisms.  We take every precaution during design and construction to create your bridge to be a safe, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing structure.  Begin the process of building your Bridge to the Other Side!

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