Bridges to the Other Side, Inc. was founded by Ron Salzer, an iron sculptor and former grading contractor, who oversees and is actively engaged in all daily operations.  Since beginning operation in 1997 Bridges To The Other Side, Inc. has built and installed over 200 bridges for homeowners, subdivisions, golf courses, bike trails and hiking paths.  Since partnering with Jason Rickett, a former Master Welder who worked on Nuclear Facilities, the two have taken the bridge building business to the next level.  With Ron's creative touch and Jason's engineering finesse, there's no limit to the style and structural integrity of the spans they build to the Other Side.


We are a fully insured company and we take great care in making sure that safety is the main objective on every job.  Safe for us; safe for you; safe for the environment.


Knowing that every project is unique, we take time up front getting familiar with what your vision is and how we can best achieve the process to completion. 

Your bridge may be the focal point of your property or you may want it to be minimalistic, utilitarian.  Whichever the case may be, our goal is to make sure we build exactly what you envisioned.

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