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Bridges fall into disrepair for many reasons; age, flooding, poor quality workmanship, rotting timbers, or over use and abuse.  Whatever the reason may be, the earlier you attend to the problems with your bridge the better.  Bridges won't fix themselves. And finding a qualified repair company will save you time, money, and trouble in the long run.  Trusting your bridge repairs to a handyman or inexperienced builder can lead to expensive mistakes and safety issues. At Bridges to the Other Side, we've been repairing bridges of all types since 1998.  We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in the engineering of well built bridges that are safe and durable. 

Any proper bridge repair begins with a proper inspection.  Knowing what to look for comes from experience.  We've seen it all, and we've fixed it all. Improper repairs can lead to failed county inspection if the repaired bridge doesn't meet code.  When that happens, you're at risk of doubling your costs. We guarantee our repairs will meet your expectations and any code paramaters. If you're in need of repairs on your bridge whether it's a vehicular, pedestrian, golf course, or any other type bridge, start out by calling us at Bridges to the Other Side and schedule your inspection and damage assessment with us before things get worse.

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At Bridges to the Other Side, our main objective is to determine the most cost effective path to bringing your bridge back to its original look and standard of safety. 

Sometimes a simple re-decking is all that's required.

It all begins with the initial inspection where our experts will guide you through the steps recommended to achieve the best results at the best cost.

We've helped build, maintain, or resurrect hundreds of bridges of all types and sizes. Put our expertise to work for you if it's time for repair work on your bridge as a result of age, weather damage, flooding, erosion, or any other reason. We'll begin immediately to help you resolve the issues plaguing your bridge.

Call today to schedule an inspection. 

We're happy to discuss your project and begin the process of getting you to the Other Side!     

    Call 404-632-3005

Culvert-to-Bridge Replacements

Replace Your Washed-Out or Damaged Culvert With the Reliability and Longevity of a Custom Bridge

While culverts are widely used as a means of traversing waterways, they certainly carry numerous disadvantages when compared to bridges.  Among the most common drawbacks are failure due to heavy rains as well as collapse and corrosion.  When designed and installed improperly, culverts can cause extreme erosion and scouring and pose a danger to vehicles while crossing.

It's common for us at Bridges to the Other Side to receive numerous requests for information on replacing failed culverts following rain events.  People become frustrated having to pay for frequent repairs to culverts from high water and debris damage, not to mention the inconvenience of dealing with an impassable road or driveway.  The best solution for many of these people is to replace the culvert with a custom bridge.  

Our bridges are designed to allow for full unobstructed water flow during high water occurrences.  A bridge also allows for larger debris to freely pass underneath without snagging and creating blockage thus reducing the chances of damaging the structure and the surrounding landscape.  

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Culverts can easily wash-out or prevent debris from passing through causing risk of failure, erosion, and damage to surrounding structures due to flooding.  Extreme rain events can also create environmental threats by sending culvert materials downstream.

Our bridges are carefully designed to meet the specific needs for each water crossing.  They are not a one-size-suits-all solution such as culverts are professed to be.  Bridges also allow water to continue to flow at low levels rather than holding pools underground which influence mosquito and snake infestations.  Additionally, a bridge remains more easily inspected for decades into the future.  

bridge to nowhere.jpeg

This example shows one of our bridges being built to replace an old culvert unable to handle an increase in water flow during heavy rain occurrences.  

Over time, a bridge can easily amortize when compared to frequent repairs of culverts. 

Bridges are also more adaptive to visually pleasing designs which can actually enhance the appearance of a driveway crossing or other access route that crosses a creek or other obstacle.

Call today to schedule an inspection. 

We're happy to discuss your project and begin the process of getting you to the Other Side!                                         

    Call 404-632-3005

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