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New Bridge Installations and Replacement Bridges

Although we build a lot of bridges where previously there was no bridge, we also do a lot of bridge replacements. The bridges we replace are often quite old and have deteriorated over time, while others have been damaged by storm debris, were originally built with inferior materials and craftsmanship, or were not built to meet code and weight requirements. Whatever the reason, we are equipped to complete 100% of the replacement work including re-routing the roadway where necessary, placing a temporary bridge if the roadway can't be re-routed, demolishing the and removing the impassable bridge, and installing your new bridge. Once the new bridge is in place, we tie in the roadway to square up with the ends of the bridge for a smooth transition onto the new platform.

pedestrian bridge walkway footbridge boardwalk
Most bridges we replace have been left to the elements for decades.

Bridge Types

We help our customers decide on the type of bridge they build based upon several variables. Of course, budget is a major consideration and we always keep in mind what that budget will allow. But we also assess the bridge site taking into consideration the span distance, the approach terrain, the water level variations after heavy rains, and the weight requirements for the bridge. County code for driveway bridges can vary from place to place and we make sure your bridge will meet the code which applies for your location. Generally speaking, most driveway bridges will need to bear the weight of fully loaded cement trucks during construction and the weight of a fully loaded water deploying fire truck to reach any homes on the other side of the bridge. Our structures are designed to meet that code and more.

welded steel pedestrian bridge prefabricated
New bridge installs often require us to build the road to it as well.

Sometimes a customer has a need to cross a creek to access areas of their property where they wish to build a home. Usually there is no road leading to this type of bridge build site. In these cases, we begin by putting in a roadway to the accessible side of the creek and complete the road to the building site once we've installed the new bridge. Since no two sites are identical, we assess the location prior to starting to first ensure there is competent soil to build the access road as well as support the bridge foundations.

Our professional designers and welders determine the actual style of the bridge based upon the criteria mentioned above and can create any style the customer wishes out of steel, aluminum, or timber. There are no limits to what can be built, however, we find that the majority of our customers simply want a utility bridge to get them across a creek; one that will meet code, last a lifetime, and require little to no maintenance.

Meeting your needs with your new bridge

Because most bridges are built to perform the basic task of getting vehicles over an obstacle such as a creek, we have become expert at creating basic bridges that are respectful to a person's budget, fit into the surrounding environment, are low profile and simply get the job done.

steel pedestrian bridge installed
Beam and timber vehicle bridge with timber rails

If you're in the planning stages of installing a bridge, pedestrian or vehicular, contact us for a FREE Consultation. We're happy to put our vast experience to work for you so you can create the perfect crossing for your needs with a company that can guide you along the best path to get you to the other side.

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