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At Bridges to the Other Side, we use high quality materials and workmanship to handcraft your bridge into a structure that suits your needs and your style.

It is our main goal to create a bridge that provides access for the type of traffic you expect while being safe and reliable long into the future.

Since budget is typically a major consideration, our experts will make you aware of all your options so that you can achieve your goal without breaking the bank.

Our bridges come complete with a warranty so you can rest assured your bridge will remain operational for decades to come.

For over twenty years, we've been designing and building bridges for homeowners, subdivisions, HOA's, golf courses, farms, hunting clubs, equestrian clubs, and residential developments.  We specialize in vehicle and pedestrian bridges.  Whether your vehicle is a horse, an ATV, an SUV, or heavy construction equipment, we'll design and build a bridge that is specifically suited to your needs.  Our design experts have decades of knowledge and experience in bridge engineering and fabrication which allows us to quickly determine the best style of bridge for any situation and the most cost effective means of building and installing each bridge.

When the world renowned Blackberry Farm Resort in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee decided to expand their operations by adding an exclusive retreat, Bridges to the Other Side got the call to design, build and install 'access bridges' to the area being developed.  Our thought was not to create grandeur and costly bridges, but rather to design bridges that would blend seamlessly into the landscape and with the existing style of the farm. The result is a pair of bridges that exceed the requirements for crossing vehicles while remaining unobtrusive to the surroundings.

Our Custom Bridges are not one-size-fits-all nor are they one-style-fits-all.  We walk thru the design process with you to arrive at the perfect solution for your structure using the type of materials you prefer incorporated into the style of your choosing.  

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