For over twenty years, we've been designing and building bridges for homeowners, subdivisions, HOA's, golf courses, farms, hunting clubs, equestrian clubs, and residential developments.  We specialize in vehicle and pedestrian bridges.  Whether your vehicle is a horse, an ATV, an SUV, or heavy construction equipment, we'll design and build a bridge that is specifically suited to your needs.  Our design experts have decades of knowledge and experience in bridge engineering and fabrication which allows them to quickly determine the best style of bridge for any situation and the most cost effective means of building and installing each bridge.

Heavy Duty, High Load Capacity Clear Span Bridge with Weather Resistant Decking                                   

Low Profile Single Span Driveway Bridge Over Creek

Properly designed bridges are preferred to culverts and low water crossings.  A bridge will allow full water flow as well as debris to pass freely underneath.  Whereas, culverts and low water crossings create a bottleneck which frequently snags debris flowing from upstream and impedes the flow of water.  This results in damage to the culvert and eventual failure of the structure.   

Our bridges are designed to avoid clogging of the waterway which ensures a healthier bridge and less need for maintenance and repairs.

While a culvert may require less initial cost to build, they can quickly become far more expensive than a bridge when met with heavy rains.   A first flood that tests a culvert may not only destroy the ability for vehicles to cross but can also cause expensive damage to surrounding homes and structures as water is forced over the culvert and diverts to otherwise higher ground.

At Bridges to the Other Side, we are frequently called in to demolish and remove damaged culverts and low water crossings after heavy rains.  We replace those structures with Clear Span or similar type bridges that are superior alternatives to culverts.  Depending on the conditions surrounding the build site, we determine the best suited abutment style and materials to ensure a solid structure that will support the loads it was designed to hold.  Each bridge is created based upon your specific needs, style and budget.

Avoid constant and costly maintenance of culverts when selecting the type of crossing for your road, driveway, or foot path.  

As you know, a harsh rain can quickly turn your quiet creek or stream into a raging river carrying large debris that will wash out and eventually destroy a culvert.  

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At Bridges to the Other Side, we use high quality materials and workmanship to handcraft your bridge into a structure that suits your needs and your style.

It is our main goal to create a bridge that provides access for the type of traffic you expect while being safe and reliable long into the future.

Since budget is typically a major consideration, our experts will make you aware of all your options so that you can achieve your goal without breaking the bank.

Our products come complete with a warranty so you can rest assured your bridge will remain operational for decades to come.

Our Custom Bridges are not one-size-fits-all nor are they one-style-fits-all.  We walk thru the design process with you to arrive at the perfect solution for your structure using the type of materials you prefer incorporated into the style of your choosing.  

Pedestrian Bridge With Decking and Hand Rails

Low Profile Vehicle Bridge Over Still-Water Bog

with Weather Resistant Decking                         

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