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Pedestrian Bridge Over River

Regardless of how wide the expanse or how deep the ravine, Bridges to the Other Side will help you determine the right style and materials to traverse the obstacle and land you safely on the Other Side.

Whether your bridge needs to span a river or a small creek, we take the time to properly inspect the location and assist in choosing the best style bridge along with the right materials for the build. 

Our bridges are built to last a lifetime and beyond with little to no maintenance necessary on most.

Private Driveway Bridges, Development Entry Bridges, Golf Course Bridges, and bridges to accommodate all size and type vehicles...that's our specialty. 

And we've been in the business since 1998.

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Your Personal Bridge is more than just a means of getting across the creek.  It's a vision you've had in mind for a long time.  We're here to help turn that vision into reality.

If a covered bridge is the design you have in mind, Bridges to the Other Side is your perfect partner in the process from design to completion.  We've been in the bridge business since 1998 and we've designed and build many styles and types...covered bridges among them...including the bridge in the picture shown here. 

Covered bridges can be made from many different materials too.  Wood, aluminum, steel to name a few. 

We'll be happy to inspect your location and help determine the safest, most cost effective design and construction materials for your covered bride

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Covered Vehicle Bridge


Often times, a project will call for the simplest means and materials.  Certain bridges are created only for their utility purpose of getting vehicles from one side to the other.  We are happy to design your bridge to spec no matter the scale or detail.

For use as a car and truck bridge or a bridge for Farm vehicles and heavy Construction equipment, our experts will design and build the bridge that's most suitable, safe, and cost effective.

These are, in fact, the most popular type bridges we build.  They're built for specific weight limits (typically based upon Emergency Vehicle Weights) and they're low cost and unassuming.

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Since 1998, Bridges to the Other Side has been designing and building Pedestrian Bridges, Walkways, and Trail Bridges.  Our customers range from private residential projects to Ritz Carlton Hotels.

Some pedestrian bridges are built using weathering steel or aluminum atop steel beams. The decking can be created with wood, metal grate, or concrete.

Rails can also be added to one or both sides using the same materials listed above.  The choices are virtually endless and it all depends upon your preferences.

We'll help design and build your pedestrian bridge following your vision and keeping with our strict standards of safety and durable construction.

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Vehicular Bridge Low Profile

low bridge no rails.jpg

Pedestrian Bridge (Footbridge)

iron works trail bridge.jpg