Boat Dock Repairs and Refurbishing

Floating docks are a system comprised of either steel or aluminum superstructure that are usually decked with wood or other flooring material.  Beneath are floats that are connected to the frame using bolts or welds.  The entire system is held in place with Spud Poles and/or guy wires which anchor it to shore.  Keeping all of these parts in place against strong winds, boat wakes and rising/falling water levels requires experience in the engineering involved.

Shown here: 20yr old dock with stabilizing cables and wood decking.  Docks can be restored to new condition for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Boat Docks frequently break loose from their mooring if they are not built and installed to specific guidelines.  If you're experiencing issues with welded beams, loose spud poles, or detached anchor lines, you should act quickly to avoid eventual catastrophic damage to your dock.  

We will first inspect your entire system to determine where your issues lie and then work with you to decide if it's more equitable to repair parts or welds, or replace some sections of the structure.  

Shown here: Repair in progress of a breakaway dock that damaged the gangway and pier. Steel replaces the wooden beams which caused the system to fail.

Buying a new boat dock can be an enormous expense, so salvaging your existing dock can not only save money, but also help avoid aggravation with getting permits to install a new and different size dock.  In many cases, moderate repair to the structural integrity of the dock can bring it back to a condition which will last for many years.  Even if your dock was built decades ago, we are often able to salvage the significant aspects and bring it back into safe and usable condition. 

Shown here: Dock with structural and cosmetic refurbishment and replacement of 25 year old floats. Once again floating level and extremely stable.

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Shown here:   Aluminum Gangway reaching over shallow water to access dock floating in water of adequate depth. 

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