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Boat Docks take a beating from many different sources.  Environmental damage can be caused by sun, rain, and wind.  Other causes are excessive boat wake, age, and neglect.   Whether your damage is structural metal, wood decks, or floats, things will only get worse as time wears on.  We've been repairing and replacing docks for over twenty years and have seen all degrees of damage to the steel and aluminum structures as well as the wood decking.  Some materials can be repaired while others require replacement.  We can help you determine the safest and most cost effective means of bringing your dock back to its top condition. 

There are many different types of docks used in our area.  Depending upon the lake, the allowable styles can vary widely.  On a TVA lake, which rises and falls constantly, floating docks are preferred and usually the only type allowed.  Sometimes a fixed pier can be installed as an approach.  Otherwise, floating gangways create access to the dock.  For any type of dock you plan to add to your property, there are engineering factors to consider.  Some of these considerations apply to safety factors while others ensure a stable dock that will last for decades.  We look at the site and determine the best style of dock and the best materials with which to build it. 

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