Custom Boat Docks & Gangways

At Bridges to the Other Side, we design and construct custom boat docks, piers, and gangways. Our experienced designers will work with you to choose the best type structure using the best suitable materials for your specific project.  Since not all build sites are created equal, it's important to consider available space, ease of access, and environmental considerations prior to the construction stage. 

Once we've established your intended use for your dock, we will design around that preference and create the perfect structure that can be more than simply a place to keep your boat or jet skis, but also an outdoor space for friends and family to gather and access the water and sunshine.  

Shown here: Floating covered aluminum dock with 40ft aluminum gangway.  Composite decking. Spud poles for anchoring.

Our docks and gangways are built in our prefabrication facility near Lake Chatuge in Hayesville, North Carolina.  Once your unit is complete, we will deliver to your site via land or water depending upon accessibility. 

Our highly experienced welders and fabricators will build to your specifications so that you are sure to get the exact fit and look you want from your dock. 

If you're looking for a complete turnkey structure installed at your lake site, or you are wishing to upgrade a gangway or add to an existing dock, we can assist with any or all stages of the process.

Shown here:   Aluminum Gangway reaching over shallow water to access dock floating in water of adequate depth. 

In TVA and Corp lakes, it's often necessary to build docks and gangways that are adaptable to the terrain above and below the surface.  Our gangways can be outfitted with rollers that allow the structure to move in, out, up and down with the ebb and flow of the lake's varying levels.  Once in place, the system requires no assistance in following the water will rise and fall accordingly. 

Shown here:   Aluminum Gangway with composite decking.  Gangway is connected to piers at the shoreline and can move with water levels.

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