About Us

Bridges to the Other Side, Inc. was founded by Ron Salzer, an iron sculptor and former grading contractor, who oversees and is actively engaged in all daily operations.  Since beginning operation in 1997 Bridges To The Other Side, Inc. has built and installed over 200 bridges for homeowners, subdivisions, golf courses, bike trails and hiking paths.  As a small company we are able to creatively design and build for your specific needs from the backyard landscaping feature to a two lane bridge engineered for heavy vehicle and construction equipment. We specialize in free-span bridges and offer a ten-year warranty on our turn-key projects

Many of our clients require our services and products when purchasing land for access to build their dream home or developing property.  Often the best value for purchasing land can be found in parcels effectively land locked by water.  It is also quite common to receive calls from people wanting to replace a washed out or overflowing culvert system.  Some clients replace their old wooden bridges when propane service is denied or insurance cancelled due to an inadequate structure to support emergency vehicles such as ambulance or fire trucks.

Whatever your interest in a bridge is we look forward to helping.  In addition to designing and building bridges we also perform objective site evaluations and consultations nationwide.  Do you already have bridge designs by your engineer?  We will work with your plans, engineer or architect to come up with the most cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible design for your property.

We are based Western North Carolina and typically serve the surrounding area of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama although hurricane and unusual rain related flood damage over the last five years in have brought more inquiries from Louisiana, Vermont, New Jersey and Colorado. Our competitive pricing, use of quality materials and methods of construction, consideration for the environment and timely service have converted many inquiries into new clients and completed projects.

Thank you in advance for your inquiry.

Ron Salzer, President
Bridges To The Other Side, Inc.